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Foreign Affairs magazine now on Kindle

Foreign Affairs, the journal of record on international affairs and diplomacy, has launched a Kindle edition. The $1.99 monthly price is a bit confusing, as it is a bi-monthly magazine, but it works out to $3.98 per issue; individual issues are available for $5.99. How does that compare with the paper price? The paper magazine is $32 a year.

For me, this is another magazine I can move from the paper list to the digital one, and quit accumulating piles of these pale blue issues around my office. As a searchable publication, the e-version is far more valuable, though thumbing through old issues does have its charms. Quickly assembling a comprehensive list of articles that discuss a topic, such as “North Korea” or “Soft Revolution,” is very handy.

One suggestion: Make all the archives available for Kindle, sell that archive of 50 years of authoritative foreign policy thinking for $99 or $199. I think at least a third of subscribers would pay for the complete collection.