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BooksAhead is Kindle-bound

Dear readers, I want to thank you for your early and ardent support of this blog. After one month of publishing, I’ve got a regular 150 or so readers at the site (not including search bots) and 25 or so reading via RSS. That’s extremely gratifying. Thank you.

I want to ask your help in raising the BooksAhead banner. Starting today, the blog is available on Kindle, if you’d like to read it that way (do add your reviews at I’d also like to get more people into the discussion here on the site, so your forwarding articles, tweeting about what you’re reading here and generally helping spread the word would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, everyone!

Author & Publisher Strategies

A primer on configuring a blog for Kindle distribution has a tutorial on configuring blog publishing on the Kindle. Covers all the steps, but doesn’t mention the need to remove all advertising and commercial links from the content (because has none, he didn’t run into it). The terms and conditions of the Amazon Kindle Publishing for Blogs requires it:

You will deliver a full text, well formed XML feed of each publication from which you have removed all advertisements and other materials that are primarily intended to advertise or promote products or services and from which you have removed all video and / or user-generated links (e.g., Reddit, DIGG, and Technorati).