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Springer’s e-book efforts paying dividends in tight economy

Springer Science and Business Media, one of the largest scientific and business publishers in the world, is pushing hard into the e-books market, the Financial Times reports. The company’s main goals are lowering price with electronic publishing and to ensure titles are available ubiquitously, according to Cynthia Cleto, Springer’s global product manager for e-books told the FT.

Notable in the article is the fact that academic publishers are seeing much higher sales rates in e-books as a percentage of total sales than trade publishers, who typically see sales of e-books accounting for three percent of annual revenue. Budget constrained libraries and universities are opting for electronic formats to save money.

The FT characterizes Springer as “ahead in [the] academic e-book market” with 22,500 titles available in e-book formats though there are no comparative statistics offered for other publishers. Along with other publishers, Springer is calling for a standard format for e-books so that it can publish for many platforms with one format.

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